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A Photographer's Retrospective on Life's Modern Day Monomyth

We all want to make a difference in the world. Not everyone does. Many people are stuck in work or routines that aren’t especially life giving. They're not living up to their God-given potential. They feel stuck in the story they’re in rather than joining an amazing new one brimming with purpose. 


Journey gives an inspiring roadmap to a world of hope along the monomyth--the classic hero's journey. And we're all on the hero's journey! Drawing on my decades of photographing people and events in the world’s toughest places, Journey will help you navigate your hero's journey and allow you and your organization to see the world in powerful and transformational ways.


When you've finished this book and put it on your coffee table, you'll be the hero of your own journey in life. You'll be equipped with a deep application for growth and the creative potential for transformation. You'll have the confidence to fulfill your unique God-given potential. And your story will never be the same!

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