Storytelling like you've never seen. Literally.

This book contains what every marketing professional MUST know. Drawing on 20 years of as a crisis photographer who has witnessed many of the world’s most intractable issues in some of the world’s toughest places for some of the most amazing clients, I weave a visual tapestry around my own story and my secrets of storytelling.


A single image has the power to effect massive change, and a single photograph can be a profound catalyst in the pursuit of transformation. Witness  takes you backstage in the world's most gripping scenes, helping you harness the power of presence in the heart of a story and to embrace emotion in our collective pursuit to inspire action and change. 


Whether you work in a cause-minded organization, a for-profit company or another field entirely, you'll walk away with a deep application to your own personal and professional growth, inspired to fully leverage your own story to drive influence and create transformation at scale. 


Join me in the amazing miracle of seeing people survive in the midst of suffering, thrive in the midst of turmoil, and prosper in the midst of pain.