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The Great American West: Limited Edition Iconic Prints

There is nothing like the great American West. Ansel Adams famously captured many places, especially in Yosemite, that resonate even today. These images are my attempt to replicate the grandeur and beauty of the west, in the style of Adams, with a few caveats: I shoot these not with the Adams "zone method" but rather my own high resolution panoramic method digitally or on Tri-X400 film. They are big and bold and huge. I don't claim to shoot as well as Adams, of course, but I do share his love of being in the wild and finding moments of transcendence. I hope you see and feel this in these photographs, and hope to have you share that on your favorite wall in your home or office. And note--I am currently accepting commissions to shoot at National Parks or the site of your choosing. Please contact me for details. 
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