Hey thanks for taking a look at a few pages of Witness. I'm glad you're here.


Keep in mind that this is a full-size coffee table photobook. It isn't meant to be experienced on a phone...so do me a favor and load this up on a laptop or big monitor. Trust me, it will look better, and I want you to see this thing in its full glory. 

Also--tell your friends about Witness. It's far more than just a memoir or coffee table book. Witness is storytelling like you’ve never seen it...cutting to the heart of what really moves people to world-changing personal and professional transformation. Leveraging my own story and experience in shooting in over 80 countries, Witness takes you backstage to the world’s toughest places and moments. It reveals the profound process of surviving and thriving in the midst of suffering and how to move into a new story of transformation, growth and change. In these pages—whether you work at a cause-minded organization, for-profit company, or in another field entirely—you’ll find yourself connected to people you’ve never met through the power of the image. And you'll learn the secrets of storytelling that every content creator or marketing and executive leader must know in order to drive influence and transformation at scale.

So yeah...tell your friends. And let me know what you think of this sample. Your feedback is vital to me as I ready the book for print!