Are you dying to make a difference?

Don't (Die That Is)

We all want to make a difference in the world. Not everyone does. So many people are stuck in work or routines that aren’t especially life giving. They're not living up to their God-given potential. They feel stuck in the story they’re in rather than joining an amazing new one brimming with purpose.


Witness gives you an inspiring roadmap to a world of hope. Drawing on my own story and photographing people and events in the world’s toughest places, Witness will help you find purpose to make a difference and allow you and your organization to see the world in new, powerful and transformational ways.


When you've finished this book and put it on your coffee table, you'll have become the hero of your own story. You'll be equipped with a deep application for personal and professional growth and the creative potential for change. You'll have the confidence to fulfill your unique God-given potential. And your story will never be the same!


Years ago I set out to change the world by telling the most gripping stories the world could throw at me. Probably not unlike what you want to do (or some version of it anyway). I learned a few things along the way that I want to share with you, because being a world changer is possible. I care because you care.

Witness cuts to the heart of what really moves people to world-changing personal and professional transformation. Leveraging my own story and experience in shooting in over 80 countries, WITNESS takes you backstage in the profound process of surviving and thriving in the midst of suffering and how to move into a new story of growth and change. In these pages—whether you are just starting out, work at an NGO, for-profit company or in another field entirely—you’ll learn the secrets of storytelling that every budding or seasoned cause-minded leader must know in order to drive influence, success and transformation at scale.



Sean Sheridan is a photographer, author and speaker who elevates people and brands through the power of the image. From revealing the dignity and strength of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people to demystifying the most influential leaders and celebrities of our time, Sheridan is known for capturing the untold stories of transformation that inspire and unite mankind. Sheridan and his family live, work and play in Colorado.


For any media inquiries, please contact Sean Sheridan directly:

Tel: 719-229-8559 | sean@seansheridan.com

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